Below we share presentations given at conferences, discussing metal allergy and the MELISA test. The materials are copyright protected and may not be reproduced without permission. Please contact us if you would like to use some of the information in your own material. Please contact us for password if required.


Diagnosing metal-induced inflammation and the connection to chronic diseases

Prof Vera Stejskal, PhD, Sweden

Mercury dental amalgam:  A challenge to our health and environment

Dr Lisa Matriste, BDS, Australia


Choosing the right tests for uncovering hidden metal toxicities

Dr Bruce Jones, MD, Australia


Detoxifying of transition metals – a practical approach for practioners

Dr Martin Landenberger, MD, Germany


The clinical relevance of metal allergy testing in general practice: a case study

Dr Damian Wojcik, MD, New Zealand


Environmental causes of breast cancer: 15 years clinical experience with monitoring by thermal imaging

Dr Mike Godfrey, MD, New Zealand

MELISA testing for diagnosis and treatment of metal-induced diseases, IAOMT meeting, Charlotte, USA, 2008

MQuid des synergies et des interférences entre les métaux physiologiques et toxiques?
J.C. Leunis; Dr.Sc.Chimiste-Biologiste, Laboratoire ATEGIS
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