Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue

Chronically ill patient removed amalgam and gold fillings and became healthy
Suspecting metal poisoning, this patient contacted our laboratory in August 1991 to get attention and help. The patient writes in his letter: “I am 27 years and have been ill for over 10 years.” As all patients tested with MELISA, the patient first had to fill in a questionnaire giving some background information about symptoms and dental implants. This information is necessary so the lab personnel know which metals to test.

This patient got his first amalgam fillings in early school age, together with several vaccinations. Due to dental aplasia (missing teeth), the patient had two gold bridges inserted at the age of fourteen. His symptoms started soon afterwards when “something didn’t feel right in my body”. He experienced tensions in jaw muscles, headaches and psychological imbalance. At age 16, he suddenly got “severe back-pain” and within short dimmed vision. Since doctors were unable to explain his symptoms they told him “stop worrying and learn to live with it.” Naturally, he felt dismissed and frustrated and soon he was classified as “work shy.” The diagnosis in June 1991 read “psychological insufficiency.” Following a visit to the dentist in July 1991, his symptoms intensified. He describes some of the symptoms as somatic: chronic fatigue, “tingling” and numbness in arms and legs, metallic taste in the mouth and ringing in the ears; and psychosomatic: depressions, anxiety and irritability. He concludes his letter: “I want to be taken seriously, something I have never been by doctors.” The patient was reported as chronically ill since 8 of August 1991. Tested for metal sensitivity with MELISA, these are the results:


Evaluation of the test results:
Strong allergy to palladium and tin.
Positive response (allergy) to platinum and titanium.

The test confirmed the patient’s suspicions that he was allergic to some of the metals in his dental fillings. According to the producer of the gold bridge in his lower jaw, it contained the following metals: gold, palladium, silver, copper, zinc, indium and tin. The bridge in the upper jaw contained gold, platinum, palladium, silver, tin, indium and ruthenium.

From August to December 1991 the patient took vitamin supplements and selenium (a mineral which binds heavy metals) to strengthen his immune system. In January 1992 a dentist trained in the proper removal procedure replaced the gold bridges (which contained palladium) and the silver amalgam fillings (which contain tin) with composite and ceramics. The recovery was almost instant. In August 1992, one year after he first contacted the department of immunotoxicology, he called and said “I am healthy now”.