Female, 15 years old, was diagnosed with scoliosis in September, 2002. She had an ‘S’ shaped curve; 58 degrees, upper thoracic and 62 degrees in the lumbar region of her spine.

She underwent major spinal surgery in February, 2003. This involved the placement of two titanium rods in her spine.


Since surgery, many of her symptoms quickly worsened; including tiredness, muscle cramps, stomach problems, hives, food sensitivities, urine infections, chronic fatigue, mouth ulcers, disturbed sleep, poor concentration and lack of sensation in various parts of her body.

Her MELISA® test in 2011 revealed a very high sensitivity to mercury.

The patient is currently undergoing treatment for mercury sensitivity and problems associated with placing metal rods in her spine. She is also on a special diet and supplements to address her vitamin and mineral deficiencies.