Order Melisa

To take the MELISA test you have a blood sample taken and sent to a MELISA laboratory. In some laboratories, testing must be ordered by an authorized healthcare provider. The amount of blood needed depends on the number of metals you want to test, but generally, about 30 ml of blood is enough.

Blood samples can be taken at one of our authorized clinics. They will handle the sample and send it to a MELISA laboratory. Within 10 days they will hand you your results.

If you cannot get to a MELISA clinic, we can send you a test-kit and you will handle the blood sample yourself. Simply contact us requesting a test kit. Contact a qualified nurse in your area to arrange for sample taking. When the test kit arrives, have the nurse take your blood. Package the blood in the enclosed packaging material. Next contact your local FedEx office and send it to a licensed MELISA laboratory.

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