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  • ALERT: Do not send your samples for MELISA testing to the lab in Germany due to the closure of the lab. More information HERE.



The Heavily Metalled Podcast

On this podcast, Shari Guess interviews patients, medical professionals and industry insiders and has important discussions regarding the all-to-commonly experienced, but lesser identified symptoms of hypersensitivity to metals contained in implanted medical and dental hardware.

Metals often cause a variety of dysfunctional immune responses, chronic pain and other syndromes that fly under the radar of most patients and physicians. During the interviews, ideas for managing symptoms and personal lifestyle modifications are shared, as well as discussions about how to advocate with and educate providers pre and post surgery, along with options found for implant removal and the how-to of adverse event reporting. This podcast does not give medical advice.

Current episodes cover the following topics:

EP13 - Surgical Clips, Staples & Marker Removal Surgery for Metal-Allergic Patients w/Dr. Chris Cottrell, MD, FACS

EP12 - Metal Allergies & Breast Implant Illness w/Dr. Corrie Materie, DC

EP11 - Clinical Experiences, Education Efforts & Upcoming Research Studies w/Dr. Dzifa Dordunoo, PhD., RN

EP10 - Near Death from “Routine” Surgical Clips 

EP09 - Blood Testing for Metal Allergies with MELISA Diagnostics (Part 2 )

EP08 - Blood Testing for Metal Allergies with MELISA Diagnostics (Part 1)

EP07 - Metal Allergies & The Low-Nickel Diet

EP06 - Miraculous Surgical Cases and Innovative Experiments Regarding Metal Allergies and Galvanism with Dr. Scott Schroeder, DPM, FACAS

EP05 - Metal allergy nightmare with metal-on-metal hip replacement 

EP04 Metal Gallbladder Clip Allergy - Routine Surgery Leads to Life-Threatening Complications

EP03 - Paralyzed from Metal Hardware: From Full Quadraplegic to Fully Healed!

EP02 - Metal Allergy Symptoms Resolved! Overcoming a Life Sentence of Chronic Pain

EP01 - Metal Allergies, Chronic Pain & Systemic Symptoms: A Life-Threatening & Under-Reported Reality

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